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Hard Anodising

Hard Anodising

Hard anodising is a process used to create a hard wearing, corrosion resistant coating.

Hard anodised coatings are typically applied to industrial parts intended for use in heavy wear applications.

The main difference between decorative and hard anodising is how thick and durable the coating is. Hard anodising can be dyed and we recommend black due to the fact hard anodised items usually have a dark grey, matte finish although this can vary depending on the alloy.

The hard anodising process uses sulphuric acid but it is carried out under special anodising conditions. The temperature is close to 0 deg C with significantly higher voltage and current deposits being applied.

Hard Anodising is perfect for the following applications:


The colour and appearance of hard anodised components varies significantly depending on the alloys used.
Please phone to discuss this beforehand.

At E.V. Wood Anodising Ltd hard anodising is performed to BS5599:1993


The maximum size we can handle is 3OOOmm long.